Our Marketing Plan

The 4 Keys to Selling Your Home

#1 The Sellers Motivation

When the seller is sufficiently motivated it is more likely that they will have the price, the condition, and the promotional strategy in alignment with current buyers expectations. As a result of this, it is more likely the home will sell for a fair market price in a reasonable market time. That is why agents ask the sellers motivation questions.

#2 The Price

Buyers will not buy a significantly overpriced home even in excellent condition with the very best marketing strategy. When a buyer can buy a home that offers reasonably similar characteristics, features, and benefits for less money they will buy that home first every time.

#3 The Preparation of the Home for Sale

Homes that are staged and prepared for sale will sell for more than a home identically priced which is not staged. Properly preparing the home to sell is far less expensive than the first (or next) price reduction. Preparing the home to sell will cause the home to sell quicker which means less time on the market and results in saving the seller carrying costs. Yes, price can overcome a property in poor condition. If priced low enough it will sell anyway, yet that is not netting the seller top dollar.

#4 The Promotional Strategy

When the seller’s motivation, the price and preparation are in alignment, the next step is to promote the property in a way that is designed to attract the buyer who will pay top dollar. The best promotional strategy comes from the experience of consistent follow up and tracking of all buyer showings and sales activity. Knowing what type of buyers will value which of the homes characteristics, then where, when (and most importantly) how to attract themcomes only after years of experience and hundreds of homes sold.


The TRADITIONAL PASSIVE MARKETING approach to selling real estate from most real estate companies and agents will generally look like the following:

Input Home onto NWMLS
Input Home onto Company’s
Install a Yard Sign
Install Flyers
Install Key Box
Hold a Public Open House

Although this plan can work, the market statistics prove it only works about 20% of the time. The reason this plan fails 80% of the time is that it is passive. There are 17,000 homes on the market in King County at any given time. The challenge for home sellers is that you are a needle in a haystack! You can not wait and hope that buyers will find the home because it is not a very efficient or effective approach to selling! See our Enhanced Marketing Plan!

Our Active Marketing Plan

IN ADDITION to the traditional approaches to selling homes we are actively and aggressively out looking for buyers for your home.

Target Marketing

The experience of working with hundreds of home sellers whose homes did not sell with other agents tells us that most agents fail to ask the critically important questions such as:

What is the buyers profile?
Why will they select this property over the competition?
Where can I find them? How can I contact them directly?

We answer these questions and take action on the answers for every listing, every single day!
This is our job and it is why you hire us. This process will make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to sell your home and your net sales price.

Home Enhancement Plan

Setting a dynamic stage for “show time” is critical in getting the best possible price. Together we will prepare a home enhancement plan that is designed to eliminate potential buyer objections as they tour the home. This helps you to improve your homes marketability and net you the most money possible. We will also advise you on staging your home. We have construction, appraisal, and marketing experience to know what really matters to the buyers.


Mark talks to a minimum of 35 new people every day, 5 days a week. These are the people who are currently active in the market buying and/or selling a home just like you. We know that with every 105 contacts we will sell one of our listings because we track our numbers!

Listing Agent of the Comparables

We expose your property to the agents who have listed homes similar to yours recently. Remember, they may have acquired buyers from their marketing in the area!

Investors Seminars

Mark periodically holds wealth building seminars as a free service for all The DeWitt Team clients. At any given time we have highly qualified buyers who are looking for properties to buy right now. They get every new listing immediately, and we sell many listings this way.

Showing Follow Up

We contact every single agent who has shown or previewed your home within 24 business hours. We ask them questions to get feedback. This is a very powerful tool as we can see your home through the eyes of the buyers. This provides us the information to make the necessary adjustments to sell your home in the least amount of time and for the most amount of money. Secondly, we have another great opportunity to discuss your homes features with the other agents, which many times have resulted in offers that would not have happened.

Progress Reports

We continuously give you feedback from the agents that show your property. In addition, we call you and provide market updates. This information keeps you updated on market activity and changing market conditions as they relate directly to your property and your competition.

Neighborhood Directional Signs (When Legal)

Statistics tell us that more and more buyers are shopping the Internet and driving the neighborhoods they want to live in even before they contact an agent. So we add these extra little signs to drive these people to your home.

Enhancing the Traditional

Marketing Plan


First and foremost your home gets listed in the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS). This reaches over 17,000 real estate agents and includes over 17,000 homes for sale in King County alone. Therefore, you need the marketing experience to make your home stand out from all that competition. The photos and features that are emphasized will dictate who will be interested in the home! Marketing to the right buyer is critical to getting the best price.

Web Marketing

All listings are on www.JohnLScott.com, www.realtor.com , our personal website www.TheDewittTeam.com, and the websites of nearly every other real estate company in the Puget Sound Region all within 24 hours. In Addition your listing will automatically be posted on 16+ home search websites. Locally, Johnlscott.com receives the most (14 million) unique hits per month. Independent surveys show 70% of all local home buyers start their search with JohnLScott.com and Realtor.com, the largest and most used national real estate website in the country.

Internet Upgrades

With so many homes for sale on the internet it is important to distinguish your home from the competition. We add the appropriate text and photos that will enhance your home’s exposure and emphasize its primary features in a way that will attract the buyer who will value those features the most.

Pricing /Market Analysis

Setting a competitive price is critical to getting an offer. We provide a comprehensive market analysis reviewed by Mark DeWitt, a former Washington state licensed real estate appraiser and appraisal reviewer for most of the local lending institutions.

Yard Sign

We provide a John L Scott yard sign with our personal business phone number this allows us to discuss and “sell” all the features and benefits of your home directly with the buyer or the buyers’ agent. That is why you hired us to SELL your home. Most agents rely on posting flyers out front which allows the prospective buyers and agents to eliminate the property in the driveway without even seeing the inside and seriously considering it.

Key Box

We install a key box so all agents, members of the NWMLS, can show and sell your home. Our key boxes also register the agents who were in the home so we can contact them for feedback.


A seller should hire a listing agent based not only on his/her marketing abilities, but also on the representation, administration, and communication services provided during the entire transaction. The DeWitt Team—Mark DeWitt & Associates have what it takes to make this process an enjoyable one!

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